Pharmaceuticals industry is a critical part of China’s national economy, and it is intimately related to people’s health and welfare. Due to various reasons, market competition in pharmaceuticals industry has always been quite fierce. Additionally, regulation in the pharmaceuticals industry is very stringent, which is reflected through the intensive industry policies.

Our team pays close attention to the development of the pharmaceuticals industry, and keep researching the changing industry environment. We can help our clients to seize the opportunities and cope with the possible market transformation in the future.

Baker Tilly China keeps a close eye on the pharmaceuticals industry development, and has set up an specialty team which consists of more than 100 professionals, in order to provide continuous services to the pharmaceuticals clients. Moreover we can get supports from pharmaceuticals industry experts around the world, through the network of Baker Tilly International.

Our pharmaceuticals service team has many years of experience in providing assurance and consulting services to the clients of this industry. We can help our clients to make strategic decisions that promote sustainable development, to adjust their business model and cope with the market changes, to get in-depth analysis and insights on their accounting, tax and management issues, and torealisetheir potentials that would lead to a greater success.

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