Our Culture

Core concept:

Diligence,Professional, Commitment, Integrity

Our mission:

Pursuit of Justice; Devote to Vocation

Our values:

Torealiseharmony in four aspects: society,employee, client, partner

Our development strategy:

Standardisation, Consolidation,Globalisation

Our vision:

To build a first class team, to develop first class capabilities, to provide first class services, to win social respect

Our team climate:

Simple, Transparent, Peaceful, Tolerant

Personal creed we advocate:


Never force others to do anything you would not do yourself;

Do not jump to a conclusion without listening to both sides;

Protect the absent people;

High-profile work, low-key person;

With an iron hand in a velvet glove – being sincere and affirmative;

Being positive and humorous;

Help subordinate to succeed;

Ask and learn from others;

Plan for tomorrow;

Balance between work and life;

Love yourself, your family, your life and your work.

Now, for tomorrow

With disruption all around us, standing still is not an option. Success happens when we push forward.

We will guide you through the ever-changing business world, blending free-flowing knowledge with the power of personal relationships to help you win now and anticipate tomorrow.

At the heart of Now, for tomorrow is our commitment to make a difference for our clients, our people, our communities and our profession.

We do this through the power of great relationships, great conversations and great futures.

At Baker Tilly, we are making our future today.

  • Now, for tomorrow for our clients

We create meaningful experiences with our clients to solve their most pressing problems and seize new opportunities.

Our relationships with clients are genuine. We understand their world today and provide insights that shape their tomorrow.

Network members collaborate seamlessly to serve our clients across the globe.

  • Now, for tomorrow for our people

Our profession is dynamic and our network and firms are innovative and growing. This gives team members rewarding opportunities at every stage of their career.

  • Now, for tomorrow for our communities and profession

We are vested in the communities where we live and work, making a difference for future generations.

Our network’s global influence makes us outstanding advocates for our profession.

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